Thursday, March 4, 2010

Small Hints for the Horseman

Don't ever buy a horse expecting it to be your last one.
Don't buy a horse from anyone who keeps telling you how honest they are.
An honest horse trader is one who says: "He's cheap, but he's worth it."
No matter how much you love a car or boat, it will never love you back.
The most valuable horse in your barn isn't the one that cost the most, but the one you love the most
You may never find a horse that has everything you want, but you'll find a lot that don't have everything you don't.
When you go to look for a horse for sale, don't drive your Mercedes.
It's almost impossible to visit a tack shop without buying something.
There are many horses who are loved more by the heart then by the eye.
People who have horses often live a long time without getting old.
Treat all of your horses as if they all cost $100,000.
When someone asks you if you think their new horse is wonderful just reply yes.
When you ALMOST fall off, get kicked or have a piece of your tack break, its often better than all the advice in the world.
You'll learn more about riding by getting on different horses than from reading all the "how to" books in existence.
A dime is still good for something - you can tighten the latch on your trailer with one.
Telling a child how wonderfully they ride might make them feel good, but it will never teach them anything.
Your true test of patience will come when everyone has gone home and your horse won't load the trailer.
Nothing brings a prayer to your lips more quickly than racing down a steep hill with a wide ditch at the bottom.
If you keep searching for the perfect horse, you will be searching for a long time.
A good test of your character is how you treat your horse when no one is around.
Not even the finest instructor in the world can guarantee you'll know everything about riding after a year's worth of lessons. Or 10 years. Or 100 years.
It's grand to be a better rider than other people - just don't keep telling them.

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