Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Wish I Were A Broodmare

A group of scientists sat around one morning having coffee and came up with the conclusion that humans are the intelligent species... that homo sapiens are far superior in brain power to all of the world's other creatures. My unscientific brain got to thinking about this.
About how the world could or would be if we acted and thought more like horses.
This is what I came up with:

  1. That we (mares) should sit at the kitchen table when our new breed magazines came and pick out our men (stallions). These stallions would only be the best that were allowed to reproduce: Good Looking, Intelligent, Athletic, Healthy and Excel in a discipline. And, we could pick out a different stallion every year without earning a bad reputation.
  2. That we should be allowed to roam around all day and eat (graze), nap, enjoy the outdoors, and socialize with our buddies as pretty pasture ornaments with all our needs taken care of by someone else.
  3. That "fat" would be considered a desirable asset & prove that we are "easy keepers."
  4. That we should be waited on, our rooms cleaned for us & an "all you can eat" buffet before us every day.
  5. That we should get new shoes or a pedicure every 5 to 6 weeks & get our hair done daily.
  6. That we should be chauffeured around when we need to go somewhere in an expensive vehicle designed just for us...oh, and with food in front of us while we travel.
  7. That once our babies are weaned, they can't move back home.
  8. That we should have better clothes, grooming supplies, living conditions and medical care than the people who take care of us.

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