Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Amazing Freestyle reining

I could watch this over and over, what a cool, unique and well executed run, not to mention doing it 2 pointed in an english saddle.

Friday, October 8, 2010

You may be a horse crazy student if...

-You wonder why people complain about having to get up so early for a
9am class. You feel like saying, "Try getting up at 4am on weekends
for horse shows!".
- Your papers for your writing classes contain stories of horses.
- When people complain about an instructor being cruel and too hard,
you think of the riding instructor's you've had... the ones who made
you run the barrels on foot, jump bareback, or ride backwards to
improve your balance...

- Your social life consists of chatting with people at horse shows.
Or, chatting with them on The Ultimate Horse Site.

- Your facebook profile includes more photos of horses than of you.
- You accept fb friends instantly if they have a picture of a horse in their profile.
- You've added Ultimate Horse Site to your fb Friends:
- You wonder why people buy energy drinks to get through their
classes, when you've spent early-mornings loading up horse trailers,
pulled all-nighters watching colicing horses, and afternoons grooming
horses for hours... on an empty stomach. And all they need to do is
sit still and stay awake...

- You need a break from school work so you visit The Ultimate Horse
Site to see if there are any updates.

- Your idea of a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend , besides being sweet, smart, and
caring, and all that -- is one who can fix stalls, muck barns, and
enjoys riding on the beach.

- You haven't been on a date in a long time and you think you'll
probably end up marrying a farrier or a vet (since they are the people
you see most often).

- In a human genetics class, you often ask things like, "Does it work
like that in horses too?"

- In biology class your instructor looks at you any time horses are mentioned
- Your instructor doesn't remember your name but calls you "the horse person".
- In American History class, you often ask, "What was the name of his horse?"
- When you write papers for history classes, you always mention the
horses and their contributions to society.

- You get excited in an English Literature class when you come across
material about horses.

- You've asked the engineering students to calculate the wingspan of a
hypothetically functional pegasus (still waiting on the answer to that

- You'd totally take the art class if, instead of sculpting a nude
model, you practiced creating horses.

- You write a movie review for literature class on Henry V and
conclude it by analyzing the horsemanship in the film.

- You see a cute guy and think, "I wonder what he'd look like in Wranglers..."
- You ask your history teacher what the most important animal in
history is and then argue with him that it was the horse.

- You don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend because you spend all your
spare time with your horses.

- You can spend an hour discussing horses with an instructor or
classmates, but not politics or sociology.

- Your idea of a controversial issue is NAIS, horse slaughter, or
mustang management.

- You don't understand mini-skirts or high-heeled shoes.
- When someone complains of having to make a long drive for a few
hours, you smile and think of the time you drove 9 hrs to a clinic, or
2 days to make it to a horse event.

- You have horse doodles in your notebooks.
- You think the cafeteria isn't THAT bad; You've had much worse
horse-show-stand food.

- You see a girl wearing a pair of high-heeled, pointy-toed
fashionable boots and when she tells you how much they cost you say,
"Wow, you could have bought a nice pair of REAL boots for that!"

- Your classmates/friends have referred to you as "horse lady",
"cowboy", "horse guy", etc.

- You end up driving your friends everywhere because your big truck
can fit them all.

- You've had to explain to said friends what some of the objects in
your truck are; "That's a hoofpick..." "Umm, those leather strips are

- You invite all your friends to come riding with you.
- This is all assuming you HAVE any friends because your horse takes
up so much time...

- You've answered your cell phone while riding before and had to tell
someone, "Hold on a second, my horse is being a brat".

- The vet's number is programmed into your cell phone.
- So is the farrier's.
- You can't understand how people sleep till noon on the weekends;
what a waste of productive early-morning time!

- You can't understand why people can talk about cars for hours, but
someone asks about your horse and you can't shut up

- You've spent more than an hour talking to someone at school about horses.
- You've spent more than an hour talking to an instructor about horses.
- You've walked up to strangers and joined in conversations because
you heard them mention horses.

- You tell your friends you can't make it because the farrier is
coming and for a second don't realize why they look at you funny ("Oh,
the farrier is a person who puts shoes on a horse...")

- You frequently have to explain things to your non-horsey friends;
"No, a pony is NOT a baby horse"; "A farrier has nothing to do with
faries"; "When I said I was training a stud, I meant a horse, stupid!"

- You are one of the few people who can talk about whips, spurs, and
leather and not think anything kinky
- You've embarassed yourself by mentioning spurs, crops, leather, stud services, etc. in public without realizing how it sounded.
- Your arms and face are tanned, but your legs aren't.
- You love the smell of horses, leather, and hay, but you've learned
not to say that because people look at you weird...

- You've called your horse your boyfriend/girlfriend or vice versa.
- Your friends are going to a party over the weekend, but you can't
make it because you have to go muck stalls and move sawdust with the

- You've spent calculus class explaining the barrel pattern to a
friend and making them draw it.

- You've asked instructors to write a letter of recommendation for
you-- because you're applying for a horse scholarship.

- You've asked an instructor if you could bring a horse to class for
your presentation (in my case... they said yes!).

- You've skipped class for a horse event.
- Your research papers are about horses.
- You've cited in a bibliography.