Monday, March 15, 2010

Only horse people...

  • Believe in a 11th commandment: inside leg to outside rein.
  • Know that all topical medications come in either indelible blue or neon Yellow.
  • Think nothing of eating a sandwich after mucking out stalls.
  • Know why a thermometer has a yard of yarn attached to one end of it.
  • Are banned from Laundromats.
  • Fail to associate whips, chains and leather with sexual deviancy.
  • Can magically lower their voices 5 octaves to bellow at a pawing horse.
  • Will end relationships over their hobby.
  • Cluck to their cars to help them up hills.
  • Insure their horses for more than their cars.
  • Know more about their horse's nutrition than their own.
  • Have Neatsfoot oil stains on the carpet right next to the TV.
  • Have a vocabulary that can make a sailor blush.
  • Have less wardrobe than their horse.
  • Engage in a hobby that is more work than their day job.   (and usually more fun!)
  • Know that mucking stalls is better than Zoloft any day.


  1. I am so guilty of the laundromat one.....I try to sneak them in when its kinda busy.

  2. I'm the opposite, I try for a time when its not busy, but that doesnt ever seem to be the case. I get dirty looks but too bad. I just go out and sit in the truck til the washer is done and take them home to air dry. Like we were saying at the barn this weekend, discussing very muddy horses and blankets, there are 2 reasons people use laundromats: they dont have their own w/d or they dont want to put somethin in them!