Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why we own horses

Feeling sorry for myself and my lack of finances to do stuff like take vacations I came up with this list:

What I cant do because I own a horse:
Take expensive vacations
Own a fuel efficient car
Go to concerts/events
Have all the latest electronic gadgets
Fix up the house more
Build a garage big enough for the truck!
Get new appliances
Spend my weekends antiquing like I used to

What my horse gives me for free:
Excercise (especially when I am chasing her around the pasture to catch her!)
An escape from city life for a few hours (too bad it takes 35 minutes to get there!)
An escape from life in general, especially on a bad day, nothing better than a good ride to cure all
Hours of trail riding enjoyment (finally we are at a barn that does a lot of trail riding!)
Satisfaction and pride, at shows knowing I did it all myself (tho I wont be able to show as much this year)
Entertaining stories, well to my horsie friends, not always the non horsie ones
Warmth on those cold days at the barn
Sense of freedom (not talking about when they send you flying out of the saddle)
Unconditional love, well face it there IS a condition - treats!


  1. Good observations! We do make sacrifices when a horse comes into our life, but it is worth it.

    My horse list would also include:

    Psychiatric therapy - they are really good listeners :-)

    Confidence boost – just when you thought you couldn’t, you could!