Friday, January 15, 2010


Well it was, some days I hate my job, today especially. I need a job where I can interact with more horses than people! (but that still pays well haha). At least its a 3 day weekend I am feeling well enough and its going to be warm enough to spend the whoooooole weekend at the barn, pretty much. That should go a long ways in forgetting about work for a while.

Since I'm not in a laughing mood heres some photos of my mare I actually meant to put in the post about why we own horses, enjoy!

There...I feel better already!

Lets get the "buck" outta here and on with the weekend!


  1. How could you not feel better after spending time with her - she's beautiful!

  2. Just dont let those good looks fool you, she isnt called Diva for no reason!

  3. I love the photo of her looking down her nose at the mere mortals in her vicinity. Looks like she can provide hours of amusement/anxiety!!!