Thursday, July 22, 2010

Memo to Horses:

--When your stall is being cleaned, please don't go through the wheelbarrow
& take out bits of wet, dirty hay. You have nice clean hay to eat & no matter
how precious that stuff is to you, it's got to go.

--No matter how entertaining it may be to a horse to knock over a full
wheelbarrow & then watch the resulting swearing & re-filling, it is NOT
considered entertainment by the human.

--Jumping out into the barn aisle over the wheelbarrow will NOT get
you an audition for the USET. I don't care how tightly you can fold your
knees, this is not the time or the place.

--It is not necessary to hide your manure so I have to sift through every
inch of bedding in search of buried treasure. You're not a cat & your stall is not
a giant litter box.

--By the same token, the water bucket is not a commode, and the automatic waterer
does not flush. Are we clear on that?

--The "lah-di-dah" attitude, "Drop it anywhere, I have a maid who comes in & takes
care of that," is not helpful.

--Neat freaks who manure only in one corner of the stall will get extra grooming
time & treats.

--There will be no more unauthorized barn parties after lights out.
When I come in, in the morning and find bleary-eyed horses, straw all
over the aisle, manure half-way up the walls and even the rats have hangovers,
do you think I don't know what went on last night?

Please take this memo to heart, or learn how to clean up your own rooms!

The Management


  1. This is so funny! I wish you had a link that I could share it on my twitter and facebook!


  2. Do you see the share button on the top? or is that just my account. Otw you can click on the title of the individual post and post that link on your wall :)