Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy long weekend!

and boy do I need it, Ive had to drive the 45+ minute drive to the barn everyday for the last week and the next 2 weeks as well. Darn mare got herself a case of scratches from hell and needs daily treatment for 3 weeks. ugh!

 So I havent had time or energy to post but heres a few independence day funnies for your weekend!

What did Paul Revere say at the end of his ride?
"I gotta get a softer saddle!" 

Why did Paul Revere ride his horse from Boston to Lexington?
Because the horse was too heavy to carry! 



  1. Tonight was the end of the 3 weeks and lord am I sick of that drive. The scratches have healed up pretty well but are not completely gone. I hope it does not end up coming right back. She really isnt in the mud much. Between that and getting ready for Breyerfest I havent had time or material to post, altho I could post on what happened when I rode her tonight! Maybe tomorrow:)