Monday, July 26, 2010

~Handy Euphemisms for Falling Off Your Horse~

1. Joining Airborne Equitation International (affectionately known as AAEEEEEEEEEI!).
2. I'm in a transitional relationship with my saddle.
3. Dirt for dessert.
4. High-fiving a nightcrawler.
5. Swan dive (water optional).
6. Spending a little quality time with gravity.
7. Checking your girth...from the bottom.
8. Doing the rootin' tootin', grass-scorching, scare-the-spectators boogie.
9. A quick trip to Dirtsville.
10. Trolling for paramedics.
11. Just seeing if the judge was paying attention.
12. A Richter-Scale-5 spot check of footing quality.
13. Insufficient flapping.
14. Studying impact craters at close range.
15. Spontaneous retrograde.
16. Pushing down daisies.
17. Turf surfing.
18. Incoming!!
19. A short step-over four feet south of Hermes, France.
20. Vulture baiting.

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  1. Unintentional spontaneous dismount.