Friday, February 19, 2010

You know its a horse owners vehicle when...

The church youth group refuses to take your vehicle at its car wash unless you agree to pay double.
You would never consider paying $50K for a luxury sedan, but a towing vehicle?  Now, that’s a different story!
The price of diesel is under $3/gallon, but it still costs $100 every time you fill up.
You avoid parking in certain parking lots because the spaces aren’t big enough.
The local gas station operator turns on the air machine when he sees you pull in.
You know exactly how many bales of hay fit in your vehicle.
You can look under your floor mats and trace the history of last show season.
Your trunk smells a lot like beet pulp.
There is at least one hat rack installed in your vehicle.
If you see a warning sign for clearance, you find a place to turn around.
You choose a restaurant based upon its parking lot, and your table based upon its view of the parking lot.


  1. Very true!

    Hubby and I just had a discussion of the cleanliness of a vehicle - when it is 'clean, clean - aka normal folks' detailed, waxed, buffed, shined -clean - and when it is horse and dog clean - vacuumed the excess hair/dirt, wipe the dust and ready to go.