Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who Can Open the Gate

This story takes you to a big pasture, filled with a lovely bunch of horses.  A question has just been asked amid the herd.
Let's listen in on the conversation among the many breeds of horses.
............"Who Can Open the Gate?"............
Lipizzan:  No need for opening it! When are you all going to learn how to fly?!!
Thoroughbred:  I don't want to mess with that gate and I am too scared of flying! I will just jump over it and leave you all behind.
Paint:  Yeah, what he said! Na Na Na Na Na Na!
Palomino:  Forget it. Count me out. I am not taking any chances of messing up my chrome!
Arabian:  You'll have to get somebody else to do it. I'm not messin' up my nails for no one!
Quarter Horse:  Maybe if I push on it with my big buns, I could open it!
Standardbred:  Pity on all of you. I'll figure it out, just give me some time.
Polo Pony:  Wait just a minute, let me get my stick and give it a few bloody wacks!
Shetland:  Let me at it. I'll break the stupid thing! Then you all can get out of my face.
Mule:  Oh, let's just pack it in and call it a day.
Saddlebred:  Now, now. I'll open it, if someone could help me with my shoes?
Fresian:  I'll do it! Do you think it will mess up my hair? I always have such good hair days.
Mustang:  Heck with opening it, how about I just run the whole darn fence over?
Belgian:  Step back! You all aren't strong enough to do it. I'll do it. Oh, but what if I break it?
Morgan:  There, there. I'll do it for you. No need to have such a big fit. Peace be with all of you. Is there anything else I could do for you after I get done with the gate?
Appaloosa:  Oh, hush all of you! Ya big bunch of sissies. No one is leaving till I say so!
Percheron:  I have already opened the gate while you all have been arguing! I even went down the next row and opened all the other gates. So it will be awhile before I have to listen to all of you argue again!

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