Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Judges comments that you DON'T want to receive!!!!

“Nice horse, with lots of…er… potential. (When your horse is over 16!)
“I can only assume this horse jumps well.”
“Very entertaining"
"Well sat bucks"
“Should salute facing judge."
“Horse has a lot of enthusiasm, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be for dressage..."
“That was your first dressage test, wasn't it?" -- and it wasn’t
"Very naughty horse……but quite athletic."
“Patient rider"
“Brave riding"
“Disobedient" - in every comment for every movement
"Would make a nice fairground horse."
"Too much to list here - ask your trainer"
“Everyone who rides has days like this.”
“Airs above the ground are best left to the Spanish Riding School”
"Nicely turned out pair." (Which is code for, oh God, I have nothing else nice to say about that disaster)
"What a shame about that Helicopter!"

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