Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thoroughly enjoying that turnout!

My Horse Falls Flat on Her Butt - The best video clips are right here


  1. So wonderful to see a horse actually being a horse!

  2. You are the first person I have seen encourage their horse to roll! I am horrified when mine does!

  3. Its not my video, just came across it online and thought it was fun to watch. My horse rolls the second I turn her out, when there is dirt on the ground, not so much in winter. I try to get her to roll in the arena in winter before being turned out but it usually doesnt work. Another gals horses almost drop and roll immediately. I only worry about horses that roll in stalls:)

    The photo in the header of this blog is my deceased gelding rolling after a bath. (he died of HYPP a week after his 7th bday, even tho he never had an attack until a few months before that)