Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hold Your Horses

One of my favorite books of horse humor! I especially like the page about the evolution of horse trailer ownership. Where you start out thinking the tiny old 2 horse straight load is all you need and you keep upgrading and getting a bigger rig until you have the biggest most luxurious model out there!

I'm in the lower end of that scale still. I have a very nice newer 2 horse slant bumper pull but yearn for a 2-3 horse gooseneck just in the last year, no living quarters. I just need to throw a mattress up there to sleep on. I wonder how long that would last before I need the LQ with appliances, heat/air, flat screen, shower, bumpout, awning and fireplace. Alas money and a truck thats a bit too small is keeping me grounded in reality.

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