Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Those darn spunky ponys

Kudos for the kid sticking with this one, I was going to say I was amazed he never got caught in the stirrups, but then he did once. Wow if that were me as I child I would have given up! Those ponys put up with a lot but they sure know how and when to dish it back out!

1 comment:

  1. I dont mean to be the odd one out. but frankly this isnt cute or funny its out right DANGEROUS. For one that kid IS NOT old enough (nor does he have the seat) to be jumping especially on THAT pony. 2. That pony was PISSED (the swishing tail, pinned ears etc...) and I saw multiple situations where that could have been a lot worse or even deadly.

    I would never let my kid on a horse (especially a kid under the age of say 13) that bucked, reared, rolled, spooked and took off.

    Its times for the parents to open the wallets and either 1. get some training on that pony or 2. get a new pony