Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Stallion and the Hare

A Stallion and a Hare were arguing in front of a hollow tree when Genie popped out and said: "SHUT UP! You two are getting on my nerves. Tell you what- if you guys will stop arguing, and leave, I'll give you each three wishes." Stallion and Hare looked at each other, nodded their heads. Stallion said, "Sonds good to me, Genie- my first wish will be that all the other horses in my state were mares!" Hare looked at Stallion and shook his head, "Why would you wish that?" Stallion replied, "Because now I don't have any competition! I'll get all the ladies!" Hare huffed, "Yeah- until stallions come from another state." This made Stallion frown. Hare turned to Genie, "My first wish will be for a motorcycle!" Genie waved his hand- POOF- a hot motorcycle!!! Hare bounced for joy! Stallion now looks like he's come up with a plan. He says, "Genie, my second wish is that all the other horses on this continent be mares!" Genie waved his hand, then turned to Hare, "What is your second wish?" Hare said, "I'm goint to need a helmet to go with this motorcycle, so that's my second wish." Genie waved his hand. Now, Stallion felt like keeping the ball rolling, so, stomping his feet with excitement, he said, "Genie, my third wish is that all the other horses in the world were mares!" Genie shook his head in disgust, but nonetheless, waved his hand. Genie turned to Hare, who had hopped on his motorcycle, pulled down his helmet, and revved up the engine. "Well, Hare, what is your last wish?" Hare laughed- "Heck- I wish the stallion was gay!"

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